Rag Wreath

This rag wreath is such a fun wreath to make and so easy.  This is one of the wreaths I made with my preschoolers.  This is a great project for four to five year olds that are learning to tie.  Strips of fabric are tied onto the wire. This repetitive action strengthens their muscles in their fingers, and helps them practice the first step in tying  a bow.

Coat Hanger Form

Start with a coat hanger and form it into a circle.  Then form the top of the hanger to make a hook for hanging. You can make a circle or an oval.

Cut your fabric into strips.  I used varied lengths and widths to add texture, six inches to eight inches long and approximately half to one inch width.  I cut my fabric with pinking shears adds a little texture and keeps your material from fraying.  i also added some red, white and blue lace to for added texture.

Tie the strips of fabric to the wire tightly together on the wire.  

Have you made a rag wreath for a special occasion or holiday that you would like to share?  Please share with us here at the Wreath Idea Gallery. 

To add more texture to the wreath I used white burlap with wire edges.

The wire edges makes it easy to make it stand up and add dimension to the wreath.

This wreath can be made for any occasion.  We made these in our preschool class for Christmas presents for the children's parents.  They worked on these over a period of time and  created a beautiful gift that the parents could hang up and enjoy.

The finished wreath is perfect for hanging indoors.  I made this wreath for a very special person to hang up for the fourth of July.  

I hope she enjoys it! 

God Bless America!

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